Commercial Foreclosures Gold Rush

Commercial Foreclosures Gold Rush

Commercial Foreclosures Gold Rush is the newest “how to” real estate investing system on profiting with commercial foreclosures and short sales from Short Sale Expert DC Fawcett and Commercial Real Estate Investing Expert Karen Hanover.

The two have teamed up for one reason – the coming goldmine from Commercial Foreclosures.

According to reports from the NY Times and Real Capital Analytics, over 68% of all commercial mortgages will fall into foreclosure.

These commercial mortgages are worth over $1.3 Trillion.

If you thought the residential meltdown was bad – this will make it look like a walk in the park.  And the fact is-  it’s already started…

Chances are good that banks will fold sending them crawling to the government looking for another bailout.

Napolean Hill said it best – “Within every adversity is an equal or greater opportunity.”

So, even though the crap is about to hit the fan, there’s an incredible opportunity for those willing to reach out and grab it.

There’s 3 Ways To Make Money From The Coming Commercial Foreclosure Gold Rush-

1.Quick Flip for fast cash – All you have to do here is find a good deal, then flip it fast or get a nice sized finders fee.

2. Fix up then Resell for More – You can make money with properties that need a little TLC or by fixing the financing with a short sale, then resell for a huge profit.  It’s not uncommon to see these deals generate $250K or more.

3. Cash Flow - Find a deal with a good cash flow and you can stuff the profits in your pocket month after month.

The cool part about it is DC and Karen will show you how to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

You can get tons of cool free training on how to profit from the coming Commercial Foreclosure Gold Rush by clicking here

Commercial Foreclosures Gold Rush

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